Alder IT

Improving our community by providing reliable IT services to businesses and organisations in need

Building sustainable products powered by renewable energy and proven, open source software

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Websites and design

We build lightweight and accessible websites for individuals, small businesses, co-ops, and non-profits. Every site is completely unique and hand-written from scratch for optimal performance and customisability. We charge by the hour based on the site's complexity and rates can be tailored to better suit a one-off project or a longer-term development relationship. We work very closely with our clients to ensure all parties are satisfied.

Custom applications

Our developers are experienced with Go, Rust, Python, and JavaScript and would be more than happy to create custom frontend and backend applications to meet our clients' needs. We adhere to industry-standard practises including version-control systems, code review, automated CI/CD, and more. The code we write is idiomatic and readable so our projects can be picked up by other developers if the client decides to move elsewhere.

Cloud services

We offer website and web application hosting; we can set up anything from instant messaging and ticketing solutions to networked storage and collaborative development services. Additionally, we offer consulting to assist clients in provisioning on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure. To ensure everything is running smoothly, we can integrate tools to monitor service behaviour and alert responsible parties when issues are detected.

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SLAs, uptime guarantees, turnaround times, backups, and rates

Every development project, hosting relationship, and consulting arrangement comes with a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) detailing the committments between service provider (Alder IT) and client. Particular aspects of the service — quality, availability, responsibilities, etc. — are mutually agreed upon by both the service provider and the client, written up in a formal document, and signed by both parties to indicate the shared understanding of the arrangement. Should requirements change and the SLA need revision, the service provider and client will meet to discuss those revisions.

Every website and application we host comes with a 99% uptime guarantee. This means our clients experience a maximum of 3 days, 15 hours, and 36 minutes of downtime through a rolling calendar year.

Daily backups are included in application hosting costs. We keep 30 daily backups, 12 monthly backups, and 5 yearly backups.

Depending on project complexity, clients can usually expect a turnaround time of two weeks for a static website and up to a month for usable applications. More concrete estimates will be given after our initial meeting.

Depending on project complexity, we charge $40-$60/hr for static websites and $70-$90/hr for applications. More concrete estimates will be given after our initial meeting.

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At the core of Alder IT is a focus on community. We strive to improve both physical and digital communities by providing reliable services to small businesses and organizations in need. We also promote and use open source software where possible and assist those projects through funding and code contributions.


We firmly believe in building a sustainable business that generates minimal waste while relying exclusively on renewable energy. We focus very heavily on building and using sustainable technologies, our sites and services — as well as all of the sites and services we host for clients — rely exclusively on wind and hydropower.

Data portability

While we do offer to host any application or website we develop or work on, we are more than happy to assist our clients in migrating to other platforms. We do not believe in vendor lock-in so we use portable technologies that allow our clients to choose alternative partners.

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We would love to work with you! If you're interesting in hiring us or you have any questions not covered above, please send an email to and we'll reply as soon as we can!